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Beach Club Doganay Hotel 5*(Конакли (Konakli), Турция)
Konaklı Kasabası Gerpelit Mevkii Beach Club Doganay Hotel, 07490 Elikesik/Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
Описание отеля Расположение на карте

This beautiful hotel is located 50-minute ride away from the airport and 15-minute car ride away from the city centre of Alanya, Turkey, where travellers may find tourist attractions such as the Castle or the Red Tower as well as several restaurants, cafes and bars perfect to spend a lovely evening tasting new flavours. The outdoor swimming pool will be every guest's favourite spot since they can relax and enjoy the sun while sunbathing or having a refreshing swim. They can also go to the restaurant and have a delicious local meal or visit the bar to have tasty drinks. Business travellers will be happy to hear that there are well-equipped venues to host private events, meetings or conferences. The rooms with cosy beds and with all the essential amenities are decorated with a combination of bright and warm colours, to make travellers feel comfortable and have an unforgettable experience.

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